First plantings for the Reunited under the canopy project

The year 2023 is ending on a happy note for OneAction: the autumn planting campaign for our Geneva-based project Reunited under the canopy went off without a hitch, despite the wet weather at the end of the season.

Maples, alders, hackberries, Chinese flame trees, spruces, stone pines, oaks, whitebeams, Japanese pagoda trees and honey locusts joined the Geneva canopy on private land this spring and autumn. Pottu & Seitz carried out the planting, which was funded half by the landowners and half by the City of Geneva.

We would like to thank our partners, the “Service des espaces verts” (SEVE) of the City of Geneva, Pottu & Seitz, Rosset Immobilier, Bory Immobilier and Fondation CAP Prévoyance for their participation in our tree planting project in the Canton of Geneva.

The project will continue in 2024 with, we hope, even more new young trees in urban areas!

To find out more, visit the page dedicated to the Reunited under the canopy project.

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