Empowering Changemakers

"OneAction is about various projects celebrating one common vision: to act for a more sustainable and harmonious world."

"We help those in need, making sure our common projects become self-sufficient so we do not create dependency."

"We empower people by facilitating the transition from intention to action."

"OneAction also works to protect the environment and to cultivate the link between humans and nature."

About OneAction

OneAction was born in December 2011 as an independent, apolitical and non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Seeing one's potential for sustainable change, OneAction aims to encourage the transition from intention to action, accompanying individuals and communities on various empowerment projects.


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News 20 202019 20 20soeurs 20boa

Launch of the new partner brand "Les Sœurs Boa"

The first bags of our partner "The Boa Sisters" are in pre-sale! They succeeded in creating an environmentally-friendly fashion brand. Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Portugal, their bags are produced in a way that limits the ecological impact both in terms of energy and materials used. A percentage of the sales will fund our reforestation project. Visit their kickstarter page to benefit from special discounts! 


News 20 202019 20 20concert 20gabriela 20montero 202

A vibrant night at Victoria Hall for OAKS’s second concert

Once again, Gabriela Montero's concert was a great success! On 21 September, with the tips of her angelic fingers, the Venezuelan pianist moved her audience between baroque and Caribbean swing. 

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