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OneAction believes that one must embody one's own concept of change. To that end, we welcome and accompany projects based on personal initiative. The idea is to afford anyone the possibility of using our platform to make their idea a reality. OneAction thus advises project-idea holders depending on their needs, and offers them various services to support the realization of their own initiatives. To this day, we have accompanied four projects by providing them with backing at several levels: networking and creating links with potential partners, sharing fundraising and communication strategies, proofreading reports, temporarily making available our legal structure and our website, providing advice on the creation of a legal entity, and providing recommendations on monitoring and evaluation techniques as well as the project's sustainability. 


Smart actions by kids for kids - Peru - 2013

In 2013, OneAction helped Mariana Montes Andrade, an educational specialist, export our model outside Europe for the first time, and set up her own project: Smart actions by kids for kids Peru. More specifically, Mariana organized an intercultural exchange between a private school and a Shipibo migrant school in Lima to encourage dialogue, student participation and solidarity. Her project consisted of various activities including an auction with photographs taken by students. The funds raised thanks to these initiatives went to the creation of a library for the migrant school.


Dream up for Ecuador - Ecuador - 2015

In 2015, OneAction accompanied the project Dream up for Ecuador. Led by a young Swiss teacher, this initiative aims to manage a community centre in Puerto López on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. The objective is to provide young children and teenagers with free creative, sports and awareness-raising activities, as well as homework assistance and English lessons. This project counts on the support of young Swiss volunteers, who fund their trip and participate in leading local pedagogical activities. The community centre was set up and more than 10 volunteers have been to Ecuador. Over the long term, the team's goal is for the project to become self-sufficient. To do so, it is currently training members of the community to become educators and to manage volunteers. OneAction has now disengaged from the project which is entirely managed by Cécile.  


Solèy la fè manje - Haiti - 2017

In 2017, OneAction started supporting Erica Mazerolle in the implementation of her project Solèy la fè manje in Haiti. The aim of this initiative is to diversify the local economy and foster food security in the region of Anse-à-Pitres, at the southeastern end of the country. A solar-powered flour mill is built to grind the nuts from the maya nut tree. These nuts have a very high nutritional content, and their transformation into flour will allow the locals to create many by-products such as bread and cakes, but also beverages and sauces. The locals will be able to use the mill freely, in return for their participation in territorial management activities, coordinated by the NGO Sadhana Forest, which works in reforestation, water conservation and food security. This project will create the necessary conditions for a collective transition towards sustainable land use and address the nutritional and ecological needs of this region, while promoting the development of income-generating activities based on the creation of healthy products.


Hábitat Sur - Colombia - 2017

OneAction is accompanying Nathalie Neukomm, the Swiss representative of Hábitat Sur, an NGO based in a natural reserve 16 kilometres away from the city of Leticia in the Colombian Amazon. Hábitat Sur works for sustainable development in the Amazon region through cultural initiatives (bibliovans and conservation of the Huitoto language), community development activities (wall paintings, community clean-up, maintenance of green and common spaces in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and waste management), as well as ecotourism projects and the construction of sustainable housing (forest preservation and reforestation, creation of sustainable housing models, voluntourism and scientific research). OneAction supports Hábitat Sur in the setting up of a waste recycling system, as well as in the construction of a "bicy-catamaran". The latter is aimed at raising awareness among the local youth in order to show them the richness of the Amazonian ecosystem and to drive them away from the drug trade and its growing influence in the region.