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Valentine Demole -

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Valentine Collombin Demole has been motivated by a spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance for many years. Her current involvement in various philanthropic structures is the culmination of a long-time commitment to the field of social work.


After studying psychology, Valentine quickly turned to the social sector and started working as a host for Le CARÉ, a place providing hot meals, health as well as arts and sports services for people facing financial, social and emotional difficulties. She then worked for nearly a year in South Africa as Educational Assistant for the Sunshine Association, an NGO dedicated to the development and inclusion of children with physical and mental disabilities in pre-school structures. Upon her return, Valentine joined La Main Tendue and worked as a listener to help people in distress.


Later, she founded and chaired the Swiss section of Friends-International, an association aiming to give children and teenagers from Southeast Asia opportunities to build a future of quality. Valentine has also been a member of the International section’s Board.

In parallel to this rich experience, Valentine joined in 2008 the Albatros Foundation, which provides support to organizations working for the improvement of living conditions and future prospects of disadvantaged populations by developing sustainable solutions. After serving successively as project manager and member of the Foundation Board, she took over the management of the Foundation in December 2012. Valentine also followed different courses on philanthropy and projects management with institutions such as the Centre for Philanthropic Studies, Wise, or the Graduate Institute.

In 2012, Valentine joined Giving Women, a network of women involved in philanthropy, sharing ideas, knowledge and resources to support projects dedicated to women and children or created by women. She became head of the projects selection committee and Member of the Executive Committee.