Empowering Changemakers


At OneAction, we support and develop projects with a strong social and environmental impact, while introducing self-financing mechanisms that guarantee their sustainability. We usually collaborate with local trustworthy partners for their implementation. OneAction works mainly in the fields of education, training, sustainable agriculture, reforestation, renewable energies and social entrepreneurship.


OneAction projects in 10 steps

1.    Selection of a partner that shares the same values as OneAction.
2.    Study of the needs, the solutions considered and the protagonists' potential.
3.    Analysis of the project's feasibility, the associated risks, and the various contexts in which it is embedded.
4.    Dialogue and exchange of ideas with the protagonists.
5.    Joint project development - Networking with other actors for possible collaborations.
6.    Fundraising.
7.    Project implementation.
8.    Monitoring and evaluation.
9.    Gradual disengagement according to the degree of self-sufficiency achieved.
10.  Sharing and potential replication of the project.


Our projects

Currently, our actions are concentrated in Switzerland, South America and Asia, in countries where we benefit from a well-established network of contacts and an excellent knowledge of the socio-cultural, political and environmental context.