Empowering Changemakers

Marie Martin - Projects manager

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After having studied law in Geneva and then trained as an actress in Paris, Marie finally joined OneAction's team in 2017. Always eager for new experiences and challenges, she is happy to dedicate her dynamic energy to OneAction's projects. The international context, the challenges we address and the numerous encounters satisfies her thirst for action and her curious mind.






Words that inspire me

" Life begins at the end of our comfort zone." (Neale Donald Walsh) "

What I like about OneAction

I love OneAction's open-mindedness and momentum, that are engines of change in joy and suppleness. I also love the fact that it's a small organisation, which facilitates the sharing of information and the profusion of ideas, creating a very warm co-working atmosphere. Most of all, I love our strong values, which, almost as a form of faith, permeate our projects and the solutions we offer : we do not just build a school, we do not simply plant trees, we rethink education and the way it empowers people, we choose our trees carefully and share a know-how with full concern.