Empowering Changemakers

Lea Di Guardo - Communications officer

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After a bachelor's degree in international relations at the University of Geneva and master's degrees in cultural anthropology and new media ethics (Bologna and Brussels), Lea completed several internships in the cultural field in Geneva and Europe. Of a multidisciplinary nature, she is passionate about the links and interactions between media, religions and politics. Eager to expand her field of expertise, she joined OneAction as a communications officer.






Words that inspire me

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and the interdependence produces the highest form of living". (Anaïs Nin)

What I like about OneAction

From the start, the holistic approach at the heart of OneAction's initiatives resonated with my beliefs and my way of working. I particularly liked the nature of the projects, the dynamism of the team and its horizontality.