Empowering Changemakers

Jan Isler - Founder and Director

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Born in Geneva to a Franco-Italian mother and a Swiss and Dutch father, Jan develops a taste of travel early on that will make him travel the world during his law studies in Geneva and his master's degree in international law in Barcelona. After a quick passage in a law firm, he publishes a book inspired by a journey in India, the Himalayas and China. This experience reinforces his idea of going off the beaten path and leads him to found OneAction. Since then, he has worked to develop the various projects of the association and to involve more and more people in the adventure.





Words that inspire me

"It's impossible, says pride. It's risky, says experience. It's pointless, says reason. Give it a try, whispers the heart." (Unknown)

What I like about OneAction

What I like above all at OneAction is the fertile ground we have been able to create; today, OneAction is a space of expression where ideas, even the wildest, find a chance to germinate and inspire more and more people around us.