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Hélène Dranssart Sanlaville - Member

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A child from the Alps who studied at the Engineering School in Paris, Hélène developed professional activities mainly in banking and finance, first as an employee and then as a consultant. She co-founded and led the Cercle de l'Orangerie, a think-tank dedicated to wealth holders, for a period of ten years, as part of a mission for BNP Paribas, and founded the IDEAS association in 2001. Supported by major French institutions, this association has shaped its activities around the support for NGOs, helping them to improve their functionning and attributing them a label upon meeting certain requirements. The goal for the NGOs supported is to show a stronger and more sustainable management, thus becoming more attractive to philanthropists. From Paris to Geneva, Hélène has kept her passion for the many challenges NGOs face, and has carried out pro bono missions for several Geneva-based organizations.


Words that inspire me

« As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. » (Nelson Mandela)

What I like at OneAction

I like, above all, the people forging OneAction's path, as a find in them a way of being that I particularly appreciate and that combines both high standards and benevolence... With the necessary zest of utopia for change, and for a more harmonious world.