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Estelle Schneider

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Trained as an environmental engineer at the Polytechnic school of Lausanne, Estelle specialized in agroecology at the AgroParisTech school and in botany with the Floraneuch association. She then worked for the Kokopelli-Suisse association that promotes organic seeds, and led visits in the botanical garden of Lausanne. In addition, she conducted research in medicinal plants at the Agroscope. These experiences have led her to what she is most passionate about: animating workshops linked to raising awareness about nature, and more particularly gardening. She joined OneAction's team in 2018 to develop GreenAction in the Valais Canton. In parallel, she works in an environmental engineering bureau.




Words that inspire me

The other side of the world and the back of the garden contain the same marvels." (Christian Bobin).

What I like about OneAction

With its committed and motivated team, wonderful solidarity projects are set up around the world, but also here in Switzerland with GreenAction initiatives!