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Emergency relief fund for India


A humanitarian disaster compelling us to act

India is facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. The second Covid-19 wave is unfolding dramatically and the lack of resources is leading to generalized chaos, the breakdown of livelihoods and the near-collapse of the healthcare system. We know from our family, friends and partners on the ground all over India that there are tremendous food shortages, inaccessible basic medical care, orphaned children, unavailable oxygen cylinders, a lack of support systems and overburdened cremation centres with no firewood available to cremate the dead. In the face of this catastrophic situation, OneAction and Pink Maharani, both closely connected to India, feel compelled to provide support to the most vulnerable and marginalized communities strongly affected by the events. 

In a time of crisis, we believe the only way forward is to pull and hold each other up, and look ahead for a time of light, peace and hope. Together we stand stronger and taller. Along with our coalition of five trusted frontline NGO partners in India, OneAction and Pink Maharani are holding hands to act, and we invite you to join us.

There is an urgent need to get together and to support neglected families and children in finding safety, care, food, social support and basic healthcare throughout this disastrous crisis.


Help now by contributing to this emergency relief fund

To ensure the most effective and ethical use of funds, OneAction and Pink Maharani have diligently identified and selected 5 trusted non-profit organizations on the ground, with a strong presence in rural communities across India, directly and efficiently responding to the urgent needs of the most affected.

These experienced local partners, with whom we are in close contact, are providing:

  • alternative healthcare access
  • protective equipment
  • food bags
  • psychological support
  • safety and health information
  • transport
  • shelter
  • and other essentials, including long-term support. 

We are calling for solidarity in Switzerland to help these organizations reach a maximum number of vulnerable people, essentially families, women and children, in the most affected areas.


Trusted partners

What is the tangible impact you are contributing to?


Since 1999, Goonj addresses crucial gaps in rural infrastructure, water, environment, livelihood, education, health, disaster relief and rehabilitation. During the crisis, they are working with over 400 organizations in 26 states, offering relief to marginalized communities such as daily-wagers, migrants, artisans, transgenders, and other neglected populations.

  Uttarakhand, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, J&K, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and others.

 1.5 million people

  • Food and basic medicine kits.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Equip local health systems with trained caregivers and frontline staff, and set up alternate medical distribution channels.
  • Safety and health information sharing.

Protsahan India Foundation

For the past 10 years, Protsahan has empowered more than 68,000 girls living in vulnerable situations by providing them with access to education and healthcare. During the crisis, Protsahan offers long-term care to Covid orphans struggling with trauma and grief, as well as other emergency relief services for migrant children and daily wage workers.

  Delhi, Odisha state, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Rajasthan

 4,800 children

  • Grief and trauma counseling for 3,000 children in shelter homes.
  • Hiring and training frontline child protection workers and psychologists to be able to deliver quality long term care.
  • Post-crisis education and healthcare for about 1,800 girls in 48 slums, most impacted by the second wave of covid.

Hand in hand

Founded in 2002, Hand in Hand India aims to alleviate poverty by creating jobs and empowering communities. Among other achievements, they have rescued more than 339,454 children from child labor, given medical care to more than 392,000 disadvantaged people and created 4.2 million jobs. In this crisis, Hand in Hand India provides emergency relief packages and improves health access. 

  Tamil Nadu

 500,000 people

  • Temporary mobile beds for patients waiting outside hospitals.
  • Oxygen concentrators to patients waiting outside hospitals.
  • Health help desks in hopitals to guide patients requiring support.
  • Food kits distribution for affected vulnerable families and families who have lost livelihoods due to the localised lockdowns.

OneAction - FCBS

Since 2012, OneAction has been collaborating with A Future for children in Bodh Gaya Society (FCBS) to provide access to education and balanced meals to more than 450 children from the most disadvantaged castes in remote villages in Bihar. During the crisis, they are providing emergency baskets to the families of their students who depend on daily wages that have been halted during the crisis. 


 420 families

  • Distribute emergency kits with food, basic hygiene products and protective equipment. 
  • Provide moral support and guidance to students and their families.

Ekta Parishad

Since 1989, the Gandhian organization Ekta Parishad has been working to create grassroots leadership to help more than 450’000 families acquire, protect and manage their own land and to fulfill their basic needs. During the pandemic, they are providing support to marginalized communities, migrants, and those without land, to organize alternative healthcare for those most affected.

  Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh Bihar, Jarkhand et Orissa

 1.5 million people

  • Fund ambulances equipped with oxygen.
  • Provide basic medicine for persons isolated in villages.
  • Ditribute food support kits (including nutritious baby food) and personal protective equipment to families.


Overall we are hoping to reach out to more than 500’000 families.

For your information, on average:

                                                                        - Food kits for 100 families for 2 weeks cost 260 CHF

                                                                        - Medicine kits for 100 families cost 120 CHF


How to support?

In this crisis, every contribution counts and we are extremely grateful for your support.

​Contribute by direct transfer                             or

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IBAN : CH3600788000050302242
Reference: Emergency fund for India


All donations are eligible for tax exemption in Switzerland. Provide us with your contact details and we will send you a receipt.

The funds raised will be distributed amongst the 5 selected NGOs and earmarked to their emergency programmes mentioned above. From 2’000 CHF onwards you can choose a specific NGO you wish to support by mentioning their name in the subject of your payment.


OneAction and Pink Maharani are committed to high ethical standards and transparency, and will monitor the project activities to guarantee efficient and ethical use of contributions.


We will update the progress of the activities in our “News” section. If you wish to receive more information or to be updated on the work on the ground, please write to us at  


CHF 36,720

have already been raised in only a couple of days thanks to your generous support and energy (updated 19.05.2020)

Let's join hands to reach CHF 100'000 and help as many people as possible !