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Carbon offsetting

Offset your CO2 emissions through our reforestation project while reversing land desertification in India, Kenya and Haiti, providing key social and health benefits and contributing to a state-of-the art research on climate change solutions!


What steps to take?

  1. Calculate your emissions through a trustworthy online calculator (we recommend among others: ClimateCare or MyClimate). 
  2. Insert the amount of CO2 emissions in the OneAction calculator. It will then calculate the cost required to offset this carbon equivalent through our project and the total number of trees we will need to plant to offset your emissions. You can also choose a number of trees you wish to plant, or an amount of funds you wish to invest and see how much CO2 would get sequestered as a result. 
  3. Compensate your emissions with us by transferring the equivalent amount to: account details, or contact us for more information.
  4. Receive a certificate for your carbon offset, indicating the amount of trees planted and the 'co-benefits' (m of water stored, malnutrition rate, species reintroduced) generated by your contribution.


The Calculator

Why offset your CO2 emissions through OneAction’s project?


1. An innovative and efficient carbon storage 

An innovative and efficient carbon storage by planting particularly drought-resistant, carbon-efficient trees with exceptional properties: Oxalogenic species. These species:

  • sequester carbon, not only organically, but also as limestone in the soil, guaranteeing a more stable and much longer residence time in soils than organic carbon, which is eventually released back in the atmosphere.
  • enable an increase in pH levels of the soil around the tree, countering the toxic impact of acidity and aluminium, and thus remarkably contributing to the regeneration of the most arid soils.

2. A multi-sectoral impact 

Researching on those species and this process may prove transformational to global reforestation efforts to combat climate change whilst delivering key social and health benefits to communities who face malnutrition and an inability to cultivate degraded, arid soils. Our project will thus:

  • Empower vulnerable communities to acquire simple and efficient planting and water conservation techniques to manage their own land.
  • Regenerate whole ecosystems (biodiversity increase, replenished aquifers, soil health, and climate resiliency).
  • Increase food security and health, thanks to the plantation of highly nutritious trees and improved access to water.

3. A sustainable and multiplied impact increasing over time

  • 3 trees grow naturally for each tree planted, and regenerated soils become effective carbon sinks, leading to exponential carbon sequestration.
  • Trees have a 90% survival rate and OneAction plants additional trees to compensate for 10% of trees not surviving to maturity.
  • Pioneering scientific research led by the University of Lausanne on oxalogenic trees could transform global reforestation efforts to combat climate change using scalable nature-based solutions to capture and optimally store carbon.


What is included in the cost?

In addition to all the activities directly linked to tree planting (selecting seeds, harvesting, germinating, watering, planting, etc.), the costs include training for community members in agroforestry techniques and water conservation installations, as well as conducting research on oxalogenic trees in partnership with the University of Lausanne. 



Carbon offset costs per tonne of CO2 vary greatly from project-to-project. OneAction is fully transparent with its costs and scientifically conservative with its carbon capture estimations. Your organisation can be sure of both the carbon equivalents you are neutralising with us and the wider social benefits and ecosystem services provided to local communities. 

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at A more detailed brochure is also available here.