Empowering Changemakers

Bruno Beça - Treasurer

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Bruno was born in Geneva and grew up in a multicultural environment. After graduating in international relations at the University of Geneva, Bruno decides to travel and discover the world. He travels across Southeast Asia and India and spends a year in the United States. Thanks to these experiences, Bruno tries to reconcile his desire to do good with his need to do well. He joined KPMG in 2012 after a master's degree in management and then passed the diploma of chartered accountant. Always motivated by a desire to share, Bruno begins to give lectures at HEC Lausanne to Mmaster's students to whom he inculcates the need for balance between professional life and altruism. To achieve this balance himself, Bruno joins OneAction in 2018 as Treasurer and member of the Executive Board.



Words that inspire me

“A small action is worth a thousand thoughts." (Ai Weiwei)

What I like at OneAction

What I like about OneAction is their belief that a more harmonious and just world is within reach, within our reach. I appreciate the dynamism and spirit of the team, which embodies both conviction and action on a daily basis.