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What is the Banyan Circle?

The Banyan Circle is a circle of sharing and support for OneAction's projects. It meets every year during an exclusive interactive evening and offers a space for exchange between its members. The latter, coming from a variety of backgrounds, are chosen for their humanitarian values and for their interest in contributing to find sustainable solutions to today's global challenges. With an annual membership fee of CHF 3'000 and an enthusiasm for OneAction's values and activities, members allow the association to reinforce its ability to act and increase its impact; they become full-fledged actors.





Symbolism of the Banyan tree

Just like all the banyan roots are interconnected and support the whole tree, OneAction wishes to highlight our interconnectedness with all human beings and natural ecosystems, as well as the importance of every individual’s actions.
In villages, the Banyan tree is often considered to be the meeting place where communities come together. OneAction wishes to invite you to join the movement as one, with a common goal of developing sustainable solutions for the greater good.
We wish to spread social entrepreuneurship and actions of solidarity with a multiplication effect, comparable to the constant organic expansion of Banyan branches.


Why create the Banyan Circle?

  • Establish a network of philanthropists close to OneAction’s operational core, who have the opportunity to exchange ideas and to feel part of various projects.
  • Set up a pool of non-earmarked funds directed to OneAction’s most pressing needs. Indeed, being able to allocate these funds to urgent project necessities and overhead costs allows us to free up the needed time and resources to fully focus on our mission, to ensure our projects’ self-sufficiency and to grow, rather than dissipating too much energy on fundraising.


What does the Banyan Circle have to offer?

  • Personnalized regular information on the progress of OneAction’s projects.
  • Networking opportunities and a platform to exchange ideas on philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and holistic sustainable initiatives.
  • An annual exclusive event including interactive accounts of our projects, testimonies from the field, and the participation of an inspirational speaker.