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15 September 2020

News 20 202020 20 20le 20comptoir 20immobilier

OneAction is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Comptoir Immobilier. The long-established real estate agency will support our innovative reforestation project with oxalogenic species. The initial goal is to plant 150,000 trees in three regions particularly affected by climate change. This is the first time that the group supports an eco-responsible project located abroad. Here is a link to their publication.

15 September 2020

News 20 202020 20 20challenges 20for 20good

In order to support our reforestation efforts, Maxime Pierre Mahe, a fervent sportsman impressed by the concrete impact of OneAction, is launching the #OneActionChallengesForGood movement. Designed to contribute to the financing of our reforestation proje in Ecuador, the idea is to set up various sport challenges and to gather as many participants as possible, who will surpass themselves for a vibrant cause: to directly participate in a reforestation initiative!

18 December 2019

News 20 202019 20 20soeurs 20boa

The first bags of our partner "The Boa Sisters" are in pre-sale! They succeeded in creating an environmentally-friendly fashion brand. Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Portugal, their bags are produced in a way that limits the ecological impact both in terms of energy and materials used. A percentage of the sales will fund our reforestation project. Visit their kickstarter page to benefit from special discounts! 


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15 October 2019

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20 August 2018

News 20 202018 20 20pura 20vida 202 20is 20afloat

Pura Vida 2, the ‘boat-cycle’ of our partner Hervé Neukomm, is afloat! After having been the first man to go down the whole Amazon river on a ‘boat-cycle’ named Pura Vida, Hervé settled down in Leticia, in the Colombian Amazon, where he is leading various environmental projects with his wife Adriana, founder of our partner NGO Hábitat Sur. This NGO works for sustainable development in the Amazon region through cultural initiatives, community development activities, as well as ecotourism projects and the construction of sustainable housing. In partnership with OneAction, Hábitat Sur has recently finalized the construction of a ‘boat-cycle’, or a watercraft driven by two cyclists. This social enterprise aspires not only to create jobs, but also to give the opportunity to the local youth to discover the beauty of the Amazon and to connect them to their environment. In doing so, we hope to encourage them to become better environmental advocates while keeping them away from drug trafficking activities. Discover the construction of Pura vida 2 by watching this video:


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12 July 2018

News 20 202018 20 20launch 20of 20our 20partnership 20with 20expedismart

Planting a tree while sending a package? This is what Expedismart is offering in collaboration with OneAction! Our friends at Expedismart, a parcel shipping company based in Geneva and wishing to limit its environmental impact, are now offering the possibility to their clients to donate 1 CHF on each parcel shipped. This donation will automatically be doubled by Expedismart in order to plant a tree within the context of OneAction's reforestation project in Ecuador. We look forward to this new long term partnership that will contribute to multiplying the restoration of abandoned farmlands in one of the ten most biodiverse ecosystems in the world!

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