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Smart Actions by Kids for Kids Peru

Mariana Montes Andrade is an educational specialist, and also one of OneAction’s volunteers, who put in place the first Smart Actions by Kids for Kids project abroad:

Mariana Montes Andrade Profile“All educational systems should pursue the objective to build and promote a culture of solidarity, tolerance, respect and appreciation for one another in schools. It is with this aim that Villa Nova, a private educational institution, decided to voluntarily join OneAction’s initiative and efforts by implementing their Smart Actions by Kids for Kids project in Peru. Since we believe that good actions should be multiplied, we, the teachers, along with our students, are joining this cause!”

Mariana Montes Andrade

The project

Lima 2013 - 3Based on OneAction’s vision, in mid-2013, the students from the Villa Nova school established a partnership with a public school from the Cantagallo community through the student council and with the help of teachers. This alliance between the two schools has two main objectives. First, it aims to support the neighbouring school of Cantagallo by creating a school library. We believe that access to a library is an important educational tool, can stimulate the creativity of students and can provide an enjoyable pastime. To achieve this goal, the students of Villa Nova have been setting up fundraising activities.

Our second objective is to create opportunities for the primary students grades 4 and 5 from both schools to exchange experiences and learn from each other’s different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. We consider it key that students, from a young age, be active to help their community and its integration. When the project draws to a close, the students from both school will have the opportunity to meet and visit each other’s schools at the end of each month to take part in recreational activities and to reflect about social and environmental challenges in the context in which they live. Furthermore, next year, we would like to organize workshops between teachers from both schools on the topics of reading comprehension and writing, where the teachers will have the opportunity to share their experiences on these topics.

The schools

The Villa Nova educational institution

Lima 2013 - 16Located in the San Miguel district in Lima, the Villa Nova educational institution, which is privately managed, offers educational services to children and teenagers that take into account the individual talents of their students. The school is managed in a participative manner and teachers encourage students to be critical and responsible in order to serve and build a society with the well-being of others in mind.

The educational intercultural bilingual Cantagallo institution

Cantagallo 1This public school situated in the Cantagallo neighbourhood in Lima hosts the Shipibo-Conibo, a migrant community from the Amazon, which settled near the Rímac river. The school was founded in 2006 by the community directors and in 2008, it was recognized by Peru’s Educational Ministry as an intercultural bilingual school. It is considered the first school with such characteristics located in an urban area and in the Peruvian capital. This school’s educational model aims to preserve the identity of its communities, by teaching their native language to new generations of students, as well as their customs and traditions. According to the idea that school is the ideal place for dialogue and intercultural values that promotes participation and solidarity, Mariana created a partnership between a private school and a public school in Lima to create a consciousness about cultural diversity. To learn more, read this article.


To date, several activities have taken place.

In 2013, there were two encounters, one in each school, and a photography auction to raise funds.