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Hábitat Sur

The project at a glance

Habitat Sur

OneAction supports Hábitat Sur, a Colombian association managed by Adriana, Hervé and Nathalie, and located in a natural reserve, 16 kilometres away from the city of Leticia. Hábitat Sur develops projects of high social, cultural and environmental impact by directly involving local communities as main actors and leaders of the projects.

The association works towards the sustainable development of the Amazon region by conducting the following activities :

  • Cultural initiatives (bibliovan : small public libraries made out of old refrigerators ; conservation of the Huitoto language).
  • Housing and community development (wall paintings ; community clean-up ; maintenance of the green and common spaces in the disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Leticia ; waste management project).
  • Ecotourism and sustainable housing (forest preservation and reforestation within the natural reserve of Hábitat Sur ; creation of sustainable housing models through various educational and interactive workshops ; voluntourism and scientific research with low environmental impact).

Culture, creativity and artistic expression are strongly encouraged since they are considered to be primordial elements for the socio-economic development of communities, their stability and cohesion, as well as for the protection of the environment.

To access Hábitat Sur’s website, click here

The reserve of Hábitat Sur is certified “Green Local Business” by Corpoamazonia, the regional environmental authority.

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