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Project Objectives

IMG_1235_2Gandhi QuoteOneAction shall always promote the idea that one must embody one’s own concept of change. To that end, we are willing to welcome and develop projects based on personal initiative. OneAction’s idea is to afford anyone the possibility of using our platform to make their idea a reality by submitting to us a project that follows OneAction’s goals.


Seeing how young people often elect the beaten track over the adventurous path facing lack of support and opportunities, OneAction wishes to encourage creative spirits and humanitarian entrepreneurs by giving them a chance to express their potential.


Upon reception of a project, we will conduct a general inquiry, surveying in particular the background, skills, motives and available time of the people involved. If we like the project and deem it potentially successful, we add it to our list of activities. Following the same blueprint, OneAction is also willing to cooperate with independent projects and already existing organizations. Our goal is to establish solid partnerships in an effort to extend our network and explore new ways to develop our actions.

Our projects today

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