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Maëva Frérot

MaevaProfileIn March 2014, we sent our first volunteer to South America to assist us in developing our Reforesting Northern Ecuador project. Maëva Frérot, a French student with a dynamic and proactive personality decided to volunteer with our local partner, CanopyCo, in order to learn more about sustainable forest management and reforestation activities. At the beginning of April, our Environmental Projects Manager traveled to Ecuador, where she met with Maëva who was setting up an Aliso tree nursery.

“I will be in Ecuador for the next 6 months as a volunteer, as part of my Bachelor’s thesis. I will be spending 3 months in the community of Pucará, and 3 months in the community of Morochos to work on CanopyCo’s reforestation projects. I will be working both in the field with the employees in the tree nursery, helping plant trees, and maintaining the newly planted trees, and in the office to strategize on optimizing the company’s projects. More specifically, my work will consist in studying tree mortality, on growing new species for planting that haven’t yet been tried and tested, and studying how to expand current reforestation activities.

So far, my first weeks here have been an enriching experience professionally and personally. In my work here, I realize that as I learn about planting trees, I must also take into account and adapt to a new culture and to the needs of the local populations, all while ensuring the protection of nature! Through my volunteer work, I have the opportunity to become directly a part of the community, and thanks to the warm welcome of my host family and community members, I am experiencing a life full of sweetness in a breathtaking setting, and I felt at home very quickly… In short, I highly recommend this volunteer experience!”

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