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Alice Nicolas

Alice Nicolas travelled to India for two weeks to teach in our Bodh Gaya project.

AliceLiving in the moment, this is the philosophy of life that I will remember from the Indian people. These two weeks in Bodh Gaya in Gyan Niketan school were punctuated by that unique thought, which allowed me to fully experience this adventure.

I took great pleasure in communicating with school students to discover their culture, understand their philosophy of life, receive their energy and positivity as a divine gift. In turn, I hope I have shared some of my happiness and given them the necessary strength to become responsible and “happy” adults, because my willingness to act with my heart never left me during my whole stay in Bodh Gaya.

Finally, I would like to thank Saskia Petit, Brajesh Kumar and Jan Isler, for their enthusiasm and support throughout this journey!