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Sponsor a kid

OneAction is launching its sponsorship programme for children in our partner schools. We will provide the possibility to sponsor a child during his/her school years to help each child reach his/her full educational potential and broaden his/her perspectives for the future. We will ensure the follow up of each child during his/her last years of study in school, provide guidance for the future and find sponsors who whish to fund their higher education and accompany them along the way.


At the Khushii school for 1,250 underprivileged children in New Delhi who lag behind in government schools and whose families are not able to afford tuition: CHF 240 per year will guarantee a student’s supportive education, value-based classes, counseling, midday meals and medical attention. CHF 480 per year will pay for university or vocational training.

At the INEPE school in Quito, CHF 500 will provide a child with a breakfast, a mid-morning snack and a lunch every school day for one year.