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Create synergies

Another way of helping OneAction consists in promoting our activities within your circle and building bridges between us and potential partners.

Promoting our activities within your circle

If you are part of an issue-oriented student organization at your High School or University, a poverty awareness or environmental group in your town, or any other kind of group generally oriented towards humanitarian issues such as education and the environment, there are many ways to collaborate with OneAction. Familiarizing and sensitizing your group to our educational and environmental projects is a way to communicate what practical and effective measures can be taken to resolve pressing world issues on the local level. This can be a valuable educational opportunity for the members of your community, and can help us gather support for the humanitarian causes for which we share concern.

Building bridges between us and potential partners

OneAction welcomes the opportunity to establish partnerships with educational and environmental organizations to jointly address humanitarian issues. We will gladly receive ideas for collaborating with local schools to develop awareness activities, with schools abroad to expand their educational opportunities and assist in improving their infrastructure, and with environmental organizations to cooperatively organize reforestation or sustainable agriculture efforts.