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Smart Actions by Kids for Kids

Project objectives

Satigny 1OneAction is hoping to raise awareness in schools about world disparities and environmental issues using concrete examples and interactive exchanges. By showing children that we live in an interdependent world, and that a small action can trigger big consequences, we also wish to give them the opportunity to explore their potential as actors of change and sensitize them to international solidarity. Thus, this project seeks to link two schools from different socio-economic contexts to enable children to share experiences and to expand their horizons.


By sharing accessible tools that students can easily use to work towards sustainable solutions, OneAction hopes to encourage lifestyle changes to face the current world challenges and to spread as many seeds of solidarity and compassion as possible.


Jan CartignyThanks to our contacts within the teacher’s community, OneAction partners with several schools in the Geneva region and suggests to interact with students through an engaging presentation. We remain flexible regarding the structure and topics addressed during our activities and strive to adjust our intervention according to the wishes of teachers and students. Most often, we give an interactive hands-on presentation to the students about social disparities and environmental issues, showing specifically how they affect children of their age in regions where we operate. We also show them ways OneAction addresses these issues and present images and videos. Children tend to show a great interest, and their curiosity leads to many questions.

We then offer them the possibility to directly participate in the project by organizing together with the kids actions such as sponsored spelling bees, raffles, sales, and so on, in order to raise funds for the project presented. Profits are then donated to the school presented, or to a project from which it directly benefits. To strengthen the link between students and ensure a fruitful exchange, we also set up a letter and drawing exchange programme between the schools in which they can share their different experiences. Later, OneAction offers the possibility to present the progress generated thanks to the students’ participation to make them aware of the clear impact of solidarity-based actions. Depending on the teachers’ preferences, we also set up workshops with the children to draft informative brochures on the environment, seasonal calendars, and so on, and we can provide them with practical environmental advice.

What has OneAction done?

Sponsored spelling Bee

OneAction has already conducted various projects.

In 2011, right after the founding of OneAction in December, we gave an interactive presentation to the children from the Cartigny primary school on our project in Bodh Gaya, India, and helped them bake Christmas cookies that they later sold for the project.

In 2012, we raised awareness on social disparities in India at the Satigny primary school and organized a sponsored spelling bee in June to raise funds for our One Meal a Day project. In December, we sensitized the students of the Devin-du-Village primary school on biodiversity and the importance of forests and they donated half of the funds they raised during the school’s Christmas market.

In 2013, the Cartigny primary school expressed its solidarity once again for our One Meal a Day project by organizing a sponsored spelling bee in March, followed later by the Aire-la-Ville primary school, which also wished to learn about India, its culture and our project. Outside Switzerland, the British School of The Hague, in the Netherlands, also organized three awareness and fundraising events for OneAction.

Project Development

With the success of its first actions, OneAction hopes to count on a number of schools as regular participants and contributors for this project.