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Solar training and livelihood opportunities in Buknari

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As a first step to improving living conditions in the area, OneAction’s objective is to provide solar energy to the community of Buknari, an extremely remote poverty-ridden village in Northern India without electricity nor proper health or educational infrastructure.

Our partners

OneAction is partnering with Samarpan Foundation, a renowned Indian organization managing initiatives from reforestation, water-harvesting, and waste-management, to schools, orphanages, and vocational training centers.

The context

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Buknari, located in the heart of Bihar, one of the most conservative and populated States in India, is an isolated, rural, and poverty-ridden village with approximately 1,500 inhabitants. Its community suffers from violence related to alcoholism and the lack of electricity. Women face harassment while walking outside at night without light, and children have to burn kerosene in order to do their homework in the evening. Furthermore, the annual average of 40 liters of kerosene burnt by each family to light their homes, generates accidents, has damaging health and environmental effects, and represents a very high cost for rural families in addition to constituting a danger.

The project

Solar cooking

Having met with the community members and taken note of several accidents linked to kerosene consumption, OneAction wishes to encourage the development of solar energy in the village, in order to generate clean, safe, cheap and stronger lighting, while reducing the risk of violence after dark. The first step of our project consists in providing a solar set per family (i.e. 200 sets), including a solar panel, a powerful and practical solar lamp that can be attached in the house or used as a torch, as well as cables used to recharge the lamp and other electronic devices. In the medium term, we wish to train the communities to solar energy and contribute to accelerating the use of renewable energy in the region.


The project’s first step: CHF 6,000

– CHF 4,800 for 200 solar sets. After a quality and price analysis, we have identified an Indian manufacturer who produces solar panels and lamps adapted to the conditions in Buknari.
– CHF 200 for the transport of the sets from New Delhi to Buknari.
– CHF 1,000 for the coordination, the implementation and the supervision of the project in Geneva and India.

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