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Lectures and Debates

Project objectives

Clifton BeachMartin Luther KingOneAction is willing to promote alternative solutions to the world’s current challenges. By means of lectures, seminars and debates, OneAction shall raise awareness on:

– the diversity of our world’s different cultures, in an effort to show that we always have a lot more to learn than to lose from “strangers”;

– the world disparities, to instill humanistic values and encourage solidarity, participation and dialogue;

– and on environmental issues, promoting sustainable alternatives.


SikhOneAction wishes to tackle the short-term thinking that is currently leading to the devastation of global resources—and often of moral values—and the ignorance that sets human beings against each other.

Therefore, OneAction deems necessary to integrate the principles of sustainable development in our lifestyles. In addition, regarding social divisions, OneAction sees a real threat in the bigotry and fear that is widely spread in the media. We believe that world peace cannot be promoted with bombs or invasions, nor with coercion, but only when people open themselves to others. That is why we shall strive to build bridges between our different cultures, religions, philosophies and social habits.


Whenever possible, OneAction will seize the opportunity to teach special lectures in schools, to conduct workshops and to organize debates with the participation of scholars and intellectuals.

What has OneAction done?

OneAction has already given various lectures.


In 2012, OneAction visited the International Lycée of Ferney-Voltaire in June to give an interactive presentation about biodiversity in the tropics and about what world leaders, scientists, NGOs and students can do to preserve the environment. In November, OneAction was invited to deliver a lecture at the Austral University of Buenos Aires, on the main challenges facing NGOs today, the current state of the world and its resources, and the practical solutions our association is striving to implement through its various projects. In December, OneAction also spoke to law students at the University of Geneva on the process of creating an association.

In 2013, OneAction organized an interactive workshop to help participants determine their role as change-makers at Euforia’s ActNOW! event at the University of Lausanne. In April and May, OneAction gave two lectures on sustainable development in the Business School Aimée-Stitelmann in Geneva.