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Alternative sustainable livelihoods in Mondulkiri

Project summaryMondulkiri 3

The aim of this project is to provide sustainable livelihood alternatives to the communities in Mondulkiri, the eastern province of Cambodia, in order to offset the growing risks related to their current natural resource-based livelihood strategies.

Our partnerMondulkiri 4

OneAction is collaborating with the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT), which strives to improve food security, incomes and living standards of poor rural communities to support environmental conservation.

The project

In Mondulkiri, 34.7% of the rural population is living in poverty. The province is mostly comprised of the Bunong, an indigenous community whose livelihoods are dependent on natural resources. Local populations are vulnerable to natural resources loss due to high deforestation rates, and often suffer from natural disasters.

Mondulkiri 1OneAction is collaborating with CRDT to increase the food security of the
 Mondulkiri communities and to help
 them become more autonomous by 
developing alternative income-generating
 activities and conducting environmental awareness workshops. Training programmes 
organized in part by established community-
based organizations led by farmers will provide 
the community with the tools to develop sustainable economic activities such as poultry or vegetable farming using environmentally friendly techniques. The second phase of the project will include the establishment of direct access to the market.

Budget: CHF 225,000 over 3 years