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Ecotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Project summary

This project is taking place in the small community of Cajabamba II, in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where OneAction is building a small ecotourism shack as a first step to support an alternative and sustainable local economy, community empowerment and reforestation efforts.

Our Partner

Logo VitalideasTo develop this project, OneAction is working in partnership with Vitalideas, an Ecuadorian organization whose actions are focused on natural resources conservation and rural community development in the Province of Pastaza. Their projects include reforestation and the development of socially and environmentally responsible tourism to sustainably support the economy of small communities.


DSC_0293Due to exterior pressure, logging for the timber trade in Cajabamba II has become an urgent environmental concern. Community leaders have voiced their wish to develop sustainable economic alternatives for the locals that respect natural resources and encourage community participation and solidarity.

DSC_0279With logistical help from Vitalideas, OneAction is developing viable economic alternatives in Cajabamba II that are supporting reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and community empowerment. To do so, we are assisting this community in the expansion of their current ecotourism activities.

These activities revolve around Las Cascadas Jungle Lodge, which receives ecotourists who plant trees to reforest abandoned farmland and who pay the community for various tourist services. In order to attract more visitors and stimulate the local economy, in partnership with OneAction, community leaders are constructing an environmentally friendly shack in which to provide locally produced and mainly organic lunches to the ecotourists.

DSC_0259OneAction has fully funded the construction of this shack: it represents a promising way to assist this struggling community into becoming self-sufficient, as well as a preventative and pro-active means of securing natural resources in this area. We consider this project to be a first step in what we hope will become a long-term collaboration with this community.


Project Funded. The construction of the small eco-shack is currently underway, and represents a cost of CHF 4,500.


DSC_0364In order to fundraise for future projects with Cajabamba II, OneAction will launch a Smart Actions by Kids for Kids project. We will develop an exchange programme between several classes in Geneva and the small school in Cajabamba II that has only 10 students between the ages of 4 and 9. OneAction will teach classes in Geneva about reforestation, sustainable agriculture and ecotourism.

DSC_0156Students from the respective classes will submit a letter to their pen pal abroad, presenting themselves and describing important environmental issues in their countries. Vitalideas will send the classes in Geneva a video and pictures monitoring the progress of the eco-shack, as well as the reforestation activities.