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Our projects

Our projects

To fulfill our mission, we support and develop projects with a strong social and environmental impact, while introducing self-financing mechanisms that guarantee their sustainability. In particular, we work with renewable energies, sustainable agriculture, social entrepreneurship and holistic education, encouraging learning by experience. In our projects outside of Switzerland, we collaborate with local trustworthy partners.

To this date, we are active in Switzerland, South America and South Asia, in countries where we dispose of in-depth social, political and environmental knowledge as well as a solid network.

Our projects in South America

Holistic education in quito Ecotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon Reforesting Northern Ecuador

Our projects in Asia

Bodh Gaya Solar Training Buknari Alternative sustainable livelihoods in Mondulkiri

Our projects in Switzerland

GreenAction Smart Actions by Kids for Kids

Other projects

Partnerships with businesses Lectures and debates