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Why create one more NGO, and why “OneAction”?

In this unique and globalized era, it is becoming increasingly difficult to look at the world without taking into consideration the interdependency and urgency of its issues. Yet, development aid tends to become segmented, complicated, bureaucratic, dogmatic, opaque and based on ephemeral results. Therefore, we believe that there is a need to create NGOs that offer global, flexible and sustainable solutions.

OneAction was born to respond to this trend with the objective of prioritizing a holistic approach and acting upon the root causes of the challenges it addresses, without limiting itself to a particular sector or region. OneAction is about simple and innovative projects, designed to last and to spread, in order to achieve the greatest possible impact. OneAction also strives for a more participative world, because action is within everyone’s reach. For this reason, aside from our projects, we offer anyone, anywhere, the possibility of becoming an actor of change by using our platform to set up their own initiative of humanitarian interest.

In other words, OneAction represents multiple actions that come together around a common vision: a vision based on the need for action and sustainability.

What legal status does OneAction have?

With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, OneAction is a non-profit private association as contemplated by articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. It has a legal personality.

Who are our donors?

OneAction welcomes donations from individuals, businesses, universities, governmental agencies, foundations and other non-profit organizations.

Can I remain anonymous as a donor?

Yes, OneAction guarantees total confidentiality for contributors who express their wish to remain anonymous.

How does OneAction ensure maximum transparency?

Whether with our partners in the field or with our donors, we strive to work with trustworthy, honest and efficient people, with whom we have frequent and excellent relations. After every financial year, we issue a detailed annual report including our financial statement revised by an external auditor. Moreover, we provide our donors, partners or members with any information that they may request at anytime.

Can I help OneAction by participating in a specific project abroad?

Of course, at OneAction, help is always welcome, whether it be by lending an occasional hand or by participating in a trip for the development of a project. If you have spare time and energy to share, you can volunteer for OneAction in India, Ecuador or Brazil, anywhere from several weeks to several months. Find out more about volunteer opportunities abroad by clicking here.

Are there employment opportunities at OneAction?

Job openings are posted in our News section. You are welcome to send us your resume and cover letter year round to We will keep your application on file and we will contact you should a position fitting your profile arise.

How does OneAction see its future?

With the success of its first projects, OneAction aims to grow internationally and to multiply its activities with the cooperation of other institutions, ultimately expanding its scope of action to every continent.

How can I get my school involved in OneAction’s educational opportunities?

You can involve your school in our Smart Actions for Kids by Kids project in Geneva, or in our pen pal exchange activities.

Our Smart Action for Kids by Kids project aims to raise awareness in schools about world disparities and to show children how their little bit of help can impact lives across the world. OneAction helps teachers organize raffles, sponsored spelling bees, sales, and so on, to raise funds for the schools we are helping abroad.

OneAction proposes to help teachers organize pen-pal exchanges between classes in the Geneva area and classes abroad within a community that is facing environmental and socio-economic challenges. Students have the opportunity to learn about pressing world issues, to make friends their age from a foreign country, and to make a positive change in the lives of their new friends by participating in fundraising for our projects in schools abroad that involve renewable energy, reforestation and sustainable agriculture.

To partake in this hands-on educational experience, please contact us at

I have identified a social or environmental challenge where I live, and have a project idea to address this challenge: can OneAction help?

OneAction always welcomes new ideas. If there is a social or environmental issue that is of particular concern to you, you may submit your project proposal to address this challenge. OneAction will then conduct a general inquiry to determine the project’s feasibility and potential impact. We will survey the backgrounds, skills, motivations and resources of the people involved. If the project is deemed to be potentially successful and it is in line with our goals and principles, we will add it to our list of activities.

Where can I find a copy of OneAction’s annual report?

You can find a copy of our annual report here.

I am a member. How can I report an address change?

All address and email changes can be reported to