Empowering Changemakers

The Banyan Alliance

Project summary

Since 2016, OneAction is collaborating with CTA - an alumni association of a Master in Trading - for the development of the Banyan Alliance, a company producing and selling organic, ethical and sustainable chocolate. It aims to empower the small cocoa producers by involving them in a fair and sustainable large-scale trade, and to support OneAction's projects, which will benefit from a part of the revenues.

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The project

A collaboration with Ecuadorian producers

The project took off from the encounter between OneAction and a group of cocoa farmers in Ecuador, in a region where OneAction has long had trusted partners. We have chosen to support these producers in the production of a native variety of fine cocoa, the 'Nacional'. We want to help them develop their cooperative, improve the quality of their product and thus increase their added value, while allowing them to diversify their income and get closer to consumers.

A project in the making

OneAction and CTA are currently in contact with various stakeholders to discuss the project and study the market. We collaborate with the Club des Passionnés de Chocolat (Geneva) and create partnerships with Swiss chocolatiers committed to a more transparent and ethical trade, and who would like to support the development of our quality chocolate.

Expected results

  • Strengthen the power and voice of cocoa farmers by supporting local cooperatives, particularly through exchanges of skills to increase their value added.
  • Reduce intermediaries in the production chain, and bring producers closer to consumers for greater transparency.
  • Create a direct link between all the actors involved: from the chocolate makers and the consumers in Europe, to the cocoa producers in Ecuador.
  • Set up an innovative circular model integrating the allotment of a percentage of the revenues to OneAction, as well as an equal share of the benefits between farmers, employers and shareholders.
  • Produce quality chocolate, ethical and organic, respectful of the environment, as well as of the health and safety of the workers and consumers.