Empowering Changemakers


The project

OneAction aims to guarantee the long term sustainability of its actions by gathering companies, organizations and individuals around its values and objectives, and encouraging them to contribute to funding part of its projects.

With the aim of supporting projects during their transition phase towards self-sufficiency, OneAction has concluded partnerships with several restaurants and businesses. A first initiative was launched to support our One meal a day project in India: our partners provide their clients with the possibility of contributing to the project. For instance, businesses can place donation boxes or allow their clients to add CHF 1 to their invoice. In restaurants, another way is to propose their clients to pay for their jug of water. Each franc raised is equivalent to 5 meals for the students of our partner school in India. In 2015 and 2016, the restaurants Sunset, Pasta Prima and Olé Olé generously participated in this initiative, funding more than 2,800 meals in total. In 2017, the restaurants YogiFood and Ital'India, and the Ayurvedic centers Purusha and Anahata also joined our initiatives. 

Thank you to all of our partners and their clients for their generosity!