Empowering Changemakers

Banyan Alliance : "A unique chocolate beyond fair trade"

Project summary

Since 2016, OneAction has been working with CTA - an association of former students of a Master's degree in Trading - to develop Banyan Alliance, a company that produces and sells organic, ethical and sustainable chocolate. Its objective is to empower small cocoa farmers by involving them in large-scale fair and sustainable trade, and to support OneAction projects, which will benefit from 10% of the company's turnover.

Come and discover the bewitching flavour of the "First Edition" of our fair trade and organic chocolate and learn more about our history: 

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The project

Our approach aims to limit intermediaries and create the final product in the country of origin. We help to strengthen the local economy, from cocoa producers to chocolate makers, and ensure that a large part of the added value remains in the country. In addition, our partner Equal Profit certifies that each player's margins are fairly distributed, in proportion to their production costs. 
In order to preserve the environment, we encourage the use of indigenous species and the practice of agroforestry, while offsetting the carbon emissions generated by chocolate production through reforestation activities. 

Expected results

  • Strengthen the power and voice of cocoa farmers by supporting local cooperatives, particularly through exchanges of skills to increase their value added.
  • Reduce intermediaries in the production chain, and bring producers closer to consumers for greater transparency.
  • Create a direct link between all the actors involved: from the chocolate makers and the consumers in Europe, to the cocoa producers in Ecuador.
  • Set up an innovative circular model integrating the allotment of a percentage of the revenues to OneAction, as well as an equal share of the benefits between farmers, employers and shareholders.
  • Produce quality chocolate, ethical and organic, respectful of the environment, as well as of the health and safety of the workers and consumers.